About Me

Hi! Welcome. I’m Thomas, and I am a software team manager, with over a decade of programming and technical experience. This is my personal site and you’ll find a real mixture of things I do in my spare time.

What do I like doing? Here’s a few of the things I enjoy:

I used to suffer from social anxiety as well as panic disorder. Although, these days, they’re no longer a problem for me, I still get feedback at least once a year thanking me for what I’ve written here, so it shall remain. I hope others find this interesting and helpful.

Why xteddy.org?

Ever since I found out about the xteddy unix program I ran it on my workstations when I was doing my University assignments, as it helped me think.

At that time I was still writing for the Linux Gazette and as such I emailed the author to get more information about thim. I liked it, and then found a “real life” version on EBay. At this point I thought I’d register the domain name. The rest is, well, history.

Open Source Contributions

For the current list of projects I’ve either created or worked on, feel free to peruse my Github account. I typically have a number of esoteric projects on the go, however I’ve also contributed to the following projects:

I run FreeBSD and OpenBSD at home. I use Linux elsewhere.


The Linux Software Map was an early database of Linux software which was coordinate by volunteers before software hub sites, and search engines had established themselves.

There were a few online search pages for the LSM, but many of them appear defunct. Hence, I’ve resurrected that for the purposes of posterity. My LSM viewer doesn’t use any server-side processes, but does everything client-side.


I’m still one of the core developers to this project, but these days development has mostly stalled. It’s still a good, solid, window manager though.

I help start the #fvwm freenode channel, and from that the following bits might still be of interest to people:


Although I am not academic, I used to do a lot of writing – be it techical documentation or writing for on-line journals.

Linux Gazette

In my youth, I wrote for the Linux Gazette, specifically:

Currently, the issues are available via Github


I co-authored a paper about student retention and activity integration Can More Intergrative Activity Improve the Learning Experience – published and spoken about at a BCS conference in 2006.